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Lintner wants to mind own business

Posted by admin on February 29, 2012

lintnerMindBusiness200.jpgIt's hard to watch other anglers catch fish around you, especially when you're not catching anything. It's a demoralizing distraction that often leads to shaken confidence. It can quickly become a downward spiral into the depths of angling despair.

Consider last year's Classic on the Louisiana Delta out of New Orleans. Fishing in a small area of Lake Cataouatche, Kevin VanDam was piling big bass into the boat at an alarming rate. Several other anglers in close proximity couldn't help but witness the spectacle. (In fact, there was a indelible image captured by our very own James Overstreet that showed one of VanDam's neighbors staring in awe as KVD lifted a chunky largemouth into his boat.) >>> full story